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Live Review: IDLES at Glastonbury

Live Review: IDLES at Glastonbury
I’ve been reading the reviews that our team have aggregated on Supajam over the day, and things seem to be going well. There’s a lot of sun and good vibes and happiness and… well if I was to tell you a musician in IDLES came out to perform in just his black pants, you might think the fun continued. 
You’d be wrong.
Oh I had fun during the IDLES performance, but it was not happy, sunny fun. Because one guy might be in his pants but the band came to snarl and growl and they gave us the full triple barrelled onslaught. Tearing through a set with the punch of a band who called their debut Brutalism and justified it, I don’t need to have worried about getting sunburned because the top few layers of my skin just got abraded off simply by Joe Talbot’s stare.
Not gonna lie, a few people lining up for the rest of the night at the park stage were a bit confused, and the stomping on stage tested the mettle of the construction team. The band stopped the show to demand men let women into the circle, which means the elbows of both sexes were flying about. Kildren don’t need to worry that political edge has left the building, as IDLES run through a set of social comment. Which made us wonder whether the next Tory leadership debate could be Johnson and Hunt standing there as IDLES shout questions at them and slam about until they actually fucking answer. Might not fix the country but it would give the useless leader nightmares for the next seven years.
IDLES loved the gig. They said this was a massive moment in their lives, then dedicated the show to Joe’s wife, for the sacrifices she’s made to run a family while he tours. A tenderness made all the more powerful by the shouting before and after. When Joe started quiet near the end, his wife came to help. You won’t find a band more humbled to be here all weekend.
They signed off with “Don’t read the Sun, it will give you cancer.”

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