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Live Review: Janet Jackson at Glastonbury

Live Review: Janet Jackson at Glastonbury
Janet Jackson’s had a hard few years. Being naughty at the Superbowl in a way that pissed off sponsors so much the NFL changed their way of operating for years, losing her brother, and then seeing her brother accused. It’s not Janet’s fault what Michael may or may not done, but she’s certainly been expected to comment on it, and castigated when she hasn’t come out and damned him. So tonight Janet Jackson is doing what she does best, and that’s perform, and for an hour she can be on the Pyramid Stage and none of the real world needs to get in the way.
As the crowd cries Janet and the lights come up, there’s a majorly surreal feeling, because Janet Jackson’s music feels like something you need to hear in a nightclub while dancing madly. But here we are, a Saturday afternoon in the light, but Janet appears all in black with what looks at a distance red / brown hair. The chances of her staying in a smock like black coat mist be zero.
The dance choreography flows, Janet performs slightly quietly, and the huge black mike she has on her head keeps doing a Hitler thing to her face on the big screen. It’s pleasing to see the dancers aren’t all models, with a body diversity that shows everyone can groove… but they are all dressed like the apocalypse happened six years ago.
As the show proceeds, a few things become apparent. Janet is only operating on eighty per cent of her previous energy levels, producing a good but not sparkling show. Maybe it’s because she’s dressed for a thunderstorm (we were wrong about her taking the heavy coat off). I mean obviously having a dance routine designed to beat bigotry is fun, but no one’s going to go away and rave about this. Fitness levels are high, and she seems enthused, but the sparkle isn’t there.

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