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Live Review: Lukas Nelson Promise of the Real on the Park Stage

Live Review: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real on the Park Stage
A singer bestrides the stage. He has long flowing hair, he plays a guitar in style, and he sings with a throat full of gravel. He’s Lukas Nelson, and he could have been here any time in the last sixty years.
Now, we don’t mean that as an insult. You see, when listening to Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real you can perform some time travel. We’re standing in a field, it’s hot and sunny, and if we want we’re listening to Lukas at Woodstock, or the Isle of Wight, or previous Glastonbury’s. POTR perform music from a genre which never ended and they perform it well. Classic rock has taken a battering against the wave of reaction over the years, from punk and rap to every other new burst of life, but there’s a place for a hairy afternoon in the sun in a field. There always will be, until we don’t have fields anymore (so in about ten years then.) You could stick Lukas on at a Glastonbury birthday gig and he’d represent whatever time slot you needed.
It’s no surprise this band are tight. Promise of the Real have been backing up Neil Young for a while and have recorded albums with him, one reason why they can perform an absolutely banging version of Rocking in the Free World. Every part of this band is polished and on point, and Neil might not be here but his soul is. 
We’d be remiss in not telling you, as the band do at their close, that POTR is backing Neil Young in Hyde Park on July 12th, but let’s be honest, ever seeing them here what we want is another POTR gig, and we want it soon. 

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