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Live Review: Michael Kiwanuka on the Park Stage

Live Review: Michael Kiwanuka on the Park Stage
You know how, when you plan on going to a festival (or any event with multiple performers), there’s always one act you instantly circle because you’re going come what may? For your scribe, at this Glasto, that was Michael Kiwanuka. The fact I’m watching him with the sun falling on a hot day is just a perfect combination and I owe the Eavis family a pint of their favourite drink.
So, Michael Kiwanuka’s Love and Hate LP accompanied me through a dark time, and if you think you’re going to get some sort of objective analysis in this live review you’re wrong, because this is the hour I fanboy. He kicks off with a version of One More Night, and I tingle. Soundwise I’ve heard tighter production at the festival today, but that doesn’t really matter because I want to feel this in my soul. 
I do.
That’s due to Michael’s voice, which transmits with perfect warmth and power his message, whether he’s exhorting you to keep going or questioning how long we can all cope with tearing each other apart. As Michael glides through his set, troubles seem to drop away. IDLES were brilliant, but in the space of a few Michael Kiwanuka songs I’ve gone from not being able to sleep for ten hours and angry at the state of the world, to a state of melancholic catharsis where that anger exists but is married to a hope it will all end okay.
Michael closed out with Cold Little Heart and an epic Love and Hate. By then, it was night.

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