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Live Review: Miley Cyrus at Glastonbury

Live Review: Miley Cyrus at Glastonbury
The Killers brought on a lot of guests to close last night, and Miley brings one on to open up: she storms on stage with Mark Ronson, who proceeds to play guitar while Nothing Breaks Like A Heart bangs out. Miley is wearing an outfit that befits her schizophrenic music career, a mechanic’s white tank top above, and the most expensive pare of bondage trousers you’ve ever seen below. Of course Ronson isn’t really a surprise, he co-wrote Nothing and has been all over the site, but when he takes to a piano and Miley performs a wonderfully affecting version of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black we know this afternoon is going to be special.
Forget the twirker who sticks her tongue out, Miley is a singer who moves between Flaming Lips freak outs and smooth pop, a diverse artist who’s often caricatured. But she can sing, and has the sort of energy and presence Janet Jackson was sadly lacking yesterday. 
It’s only as she’s belting out a more than credible version of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog that we realise her strides have Glastonbury written in gold across the back. Neither of these things should come as a surprise. We slide through a cover of her song Unholy, then into another credible cover, this time Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. 
We thought Miley was confidently performing, but then she stops and tells us that Glastonbury scares the fuck out of her. That she’s worked so hard getting ready and it’s changed her life, and you have to do stuff that scares you, so here we are. As we’re deep into the third day we have totally forgotten that the people who take to these stages can have a deep sense of pressure, especially those from a genre not traditionally here. Stormzy didn’t wilt, and neither is Miley.
We do wonder if anything back home is watching this on a Sunday tea time open mouthed at the motherfuckers and the sex moves, but have they not seen any media for the last ten years? Hopefully they didn’t switch off. They’d have missed a great version of Jolene which was followed by Party in the USA, at which point Miley’s dad and Lil Nas X appeared onstage for a version of Old Town Road. 
Unbelievably, Miley then manages to top that by coming back after a costume change and performing her Black Mirror song, an adaption of Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like A Hole, then covers the original Head Like a Hole! It’s at this point we wonder why she’s not actually headlining this fucking thing. 
By the time the show ends, we know we’ve seen one of the better acts performing this weekend. She slayed. Is Miley not atop the bill because of her pop past? Would the social media pillocks moan too much? 

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