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Live Review: Sheryl Crow at Glastonbury

Live Review: Sheryl Crow at Glastonbury
Sheryl Crow is fifty seven years old. That’s a statistic which shouldn’t matter, as musicians should be regarded based on their music, but let’s be brutally honest here: the music industry chews up and spits out people, especially women, and stars in their fifties are very few and far between compared to the number of young ones. But Sheryl Crow is fifty seven and she is in no way playing the cheesy legends slot, she is banging out her songs in the middle of day one at the biggest festival in Europe.
The weather has met her perfectly. Her brand of rock has always soared in the sun, and as we stand in a field surrounded by tens of thousands of people all sweltering in glorious summer, Sheryl’s hits seem hand picked by god to create an atmosphere. This vibe couldn’t be bettered if the Beach Boys turned up and the grass turned to an actual beach. 
Sheryl’s got songs of empowerment, of life, of tears as well as laughter, but even the sad bits sound glorious. Okay, it sounds like we’re being carried away, but musicians don’t operate in isolation at a festival. The surroundings play a role, and it’s all come together right now. Did we mention we suddenly have a hankering for harmonicas in everything?
When Sheryl starts singing a new song with the lyrics ‘It Wouldn’t Take Much To Prove You Wrong’ she neither misses a beat and produces a shade anthem… It does make us wonder though, who else have we missed out on because of the way the music industry (of which we are of course a small part) functions? Sherly, however, was focused on climate change, even giving a shout out to Greta Thunberg and her campaigning. 

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