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Live Review: The Chemical Brothers at Glastonbury

Live Review: The Chemical Brothersat Glastonbury
It’s nearly the end of day two, we’ve been stood at the Other Stage for a while and things are starting to flag. The heat and a soporific set from the Courteeners mean we need saving, and the Chemical Brothers are just the people to do it. With the trippy repetition of Surrender To The Void welcoming their appearance on stage, we prepare to have our minds blown.
Thirty seconds later and the light show has figures so large they dwarf us, so we’re either being invaded by a digital Attack On Titan or the Chems are in full flow. By the time Free Yourself booms out (maybe ten minutes later) we are in space. The world carried on moving and it left us floating here amid the flashing stars.
At times it sounds like there is a Terminator pimping on the keys, or an army of attack droids are just tuning themselves up before marching on Mars. This is pulse-rate changing, serotonin producing, spiritual, life changing stuff. There is a cliché about dance music, about a load of tranced about people dancing in a field, and guess what, it’s a cliché because it’s awesome.
Although I am going to see bizarrely shaped red dancers in my sleep. I think they may be in charge now. If churches did this every weekend attendance would rise among a certain demographic. 
At the end, as the brothers left the stage to applause, as the bleeps went quiet, the big screens showed a tribute to the Prodigy’s Keith Flint, who tragically killed himself earlier this year. The dance community is big and strong, and remembers the missing even as they come back down to earth. A colossal night.

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