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Local Festivals Help Local People

The Association of Independent Festivals has released some statistics which show how much local, often small scale, festivals put into the collapsing economy. Which means the rest of this post is going to be full of numbers; feel free to turn off now. AIF’s 19 member festivals pumped back over £16 million into the shops, hotels and other businesses surrounding the festivals, and a substantial part of the £135 million raised through ticket sales was also plumbed back in. Expand that out to cover the roughly 300 festivals in Britain alone, and you get a lot of cash moving around. Tell that to the NIMBY’s who don’t want 3-4 days of disruption. As Hugh Phillimore, leader of the Cornbury Festival, was quoted as saying "Not only do we fill every B and B, pub and hotel within a 10 mile radius; lots of local shops stay open to benefit from the extra custom. Cornbury not only makes a huge contribution to the local economy but also supports fundraising for local schools, brownies, and scouts."

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