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London's Mayor Sadiq Khan releases statement on Fabric's closure

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan releases statement on Fabric's closure

Following the somewhat shocking closure of Fabric Nightclub yesterday, London's mayor Sadiq Khan has issued a statement.

Islington Council revoked the venue's license permanently yesterday. Khan points out that London has lost 50% of its nightclubs in the past 8 years.

“London’s iconic clubs are an essential part of our cultural landscape,” Sadiq Khan's statement reads. “Clubbing needs to be safe but I’m disappointed that Fabric, Islington Council and the Metropolitan Police were unable to reach agreement on how to address concerns about public safety.”

“As a result of this decision, thousands of people who enjoyed ‎going to Fabric as an essential part of London’s nightlife will lose out.

“The issues faced by Fabric point to a wider problem of how we protect London’s night-time economy, while ensuring it is safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

On the rapid closures, he continues: “This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife. No single organisation or public body can solve these problems alone.”

Khan is currently looking for a 'night csar' for the city to try and fight against these problems.

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