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London’s Night Tsar tries to apologise for being utterly useless

London’s Night Tsar tries to apologise for being utterly useless
It looked a good idea: a London Mayor appointing someone dedicated to saving the destruction of nightlife in the face of developers and residents with no common sense. That was how Amy Lame became the Night Tsar and… well it’s a shitshow isn’t it.
When Hackney imposed restrictions on the nightlife of the (until then) popular area she achieved nothing, and has now issued a statement to NME attempting to justify her pay in the face of seemingly doing fuck all. And guess what, it reveals she’s utterly useless.
After a list of things she’s meant to have done comes the confession: “Licensing policy is, by law, a matter for local authorities. Neither I nor the Mayor have the power to tell local authorities what to do or not to do on licensing issues. However, my role is to help get everyone to sit around the table, talking together, to represent the needs of the night-time economy in those conversations, and ultimately to find a solution that works for everyone.”
Yep, she doesn’t have any power, she is useless. All she can do is talk and have invite people to meetings. Go away and come back with someone who can take on Hackney and everyone else, or stop promoting yourself as a saviour.

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