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Lorde’s new album was going to be about aliens

Lorde’s new album was going to be about aliens
Lorde may have written the break up classic LP of the year, but the creative process is a strange thing and in the early stages it was going to have a rather different theme: aliens.
Yes, aliens.
Okay, the inspiration was her experience of fame, but the alien bit was it was going to be from the viewpoint of aliens stepping outside a sealed and perfect world and finding what lay beyond. Fortunately that idea was scrapped, but Ray Bradbury was an influence, especially his story ‘There Will Come Soft Rains.” As she told NME:
“It’s about this self-operating house and how it continues to run every day after some sort of nuclear event… I was very aware of the fact that we were just holing up in my house, drinking and making a concerted effort to block out the rest of the world, as if there’d been some sort of nuclear fallout. When there’ve been two years that have been so turbulent and traumatic, and the climate is so tangible when you walk outside… There was definitely an element of, ‘If we just make our own little universe inside and no one looks at their phones, then none of it’s really happening.’”
So phew really.

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