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Los Campesinos have Swine Flu?

Tweecore act Los Campesinos! told fans via their Twitter that they’ve got swine flu (and they did it all in capital letters, suggesting they really are rather hyperactive): "ALL OUR BAND IS BEING DIAGNOSED WITH SWINE FLU AND WE HAVE TO GO ONSTAGE IN TWENTY MINUTES!!". The band is soldiering on and have said they won’t be cancelling any shows because of it, which is good because the average male cancels everything after one sneeze. Now, if the predicted swine flu apocalypse does take hold we’ll have to stop reporting who’s got it, and start reporting who hasn’t, but so far numbers in music have seemed low. We should probably also point out that the band is currently on a tour of Britain, so they seem to have caught it here. We do apologize (from behind our hand sanitizers and paper masks).

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