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Louise vs Peppa Pig: possibly only big if you have kids

Louise vs Peppa Pig: possibly only big if you have kids
There was a time in UK music when Louise meant only one person: she who was formerly in Eternal, and then became a solo star. Her signature track way back in 1996 was called Naked and… now there’s been a court case with Peppa Pig.
We’re not making this up. The creative team behind Naked have argued with and now settled out of court (in their favour) with the people behind Peppa Pig, the problem being the song ‘Peppa’s Party Time’, from ‘Peppa Pig: My First Album’. Naked’s team now have songwriting credits and a bank transfer is winging their way.
Louise has been trolling P… well… we know it’s not a real pig but:
And to save you morbidly googling:

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