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Lovechilde overcome illness for new release

Lovechilde overcome illness for new release

Lovechilde are putting out their debut EP on August 22nd, with the single ‘Sweat Lodge’ out the same day. But this nearly didn’t happen, as Eliot Thomas, the duo’s vocalist, fell very ill: "It felt like I was having a permanent heart attack, I was in bed sick, taking this awful medicine. I’d try and write music for as long as I could stay awake, pass out, wake up not remembering what I had done. It almost felt like someone else was writing, like some ethereal hand was guiding it along- which somehow allowed us to take more chances with the production and push it further.” But he’s well now, and the songs are coming.

Edit: and here's the video.

Sweat Lodge - Lovechilde (Official Music Video) from EYESONTHEWALL on Vimeo.


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