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Lumineers Competition: win a 10 inch vinyl

Lumineers Competition: win a 10 inch vinyl
Well hello you lucky people: anyone fancy winning a Lumineers vinyl? The band are putting a 10” out for Record Store Day, and it’s an unusual one, because it has three different versions of two tracks, each showing how they developed before becoming album tracks.  It’s called Seeds.
Side A has Angela, Side B has Long Way From Home, and we’re giving you the chance to avoid the queues and eBay to get an insight into their process. So, the Lumineers are a Grammy nominated Americana act, and that’s not going to help you with the question.
By midnight, Friday 21st, please email info@supajam.com with “Lumineers contest” in the subject line and the answer to this question: what’s the name of the Lumineer’s frontman? He explained what you’ll find if you win:
“With ‘Angela’, you'll hear how lyrics change and bridges and verses are moved around. And with ‘Long Way From Home’ you'll hear an entire intro, i.e. a brand new part of the song that was omitted on the studio album, but can be heard in the live version.” 

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