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MGMT influenced by Gaga and West?

If I were to tell you that the new MGMT album ‘Congratulations’ – which has been mixed, mastered and is ready for release – was inspired by post-modern eccentric Lady Gaga and egocentric gobshite Kanye West, you might experience a moment of panic. Are they going to wear clothes seemingly designed by a hyper active child fed on LSD? Are they going to start being so annoying they couldn’t even get invited to a charity concert? Well fear not, as member VanWyngarden explains: 


"On some of the new songs, I found myself thinking about Lady Gaga or Kanye West, and what their ultimate goal is… This sounds cheesy, but for us it's really just about the music and getting people to hear what we have to say. I'm sure it's about the music for those people, too… but fame… it's an interesting career."

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