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Maia win SupaJam's Fast Track to Hop Farm

Maia win Fast Track to Hop Farm, maybe your band could be one of our next winners ?!

Well done to Maia! Last night the hoe down strumming, trumpet tooting, ‘Living in an Alligator’ singing folk four piece took the top spot in our Fast Track to Hop Farm 2012 competition. The band are now set to play next year’s Hop Farm Festival, and we wish them the best of luck! As ever, commiserations to our unsuccessful bands- every act was pure quality, and Power’s bar rocked to cheers throughout the night. Here is our thoughts on the 5 acts that participated -

Bow Street Revolt - The Bow Street boys rocked out  a truly intense performance that powered their bluesy-dirty-rock vibe throughout the venue to a huge audience response.

Deer Park - Toe tapping folk-rock and inspired lyrics thrilled though Powers Bar from this four piece. Their hugely enjoyed performance was reminiscent of a better ‘Mumford’ and they showed honest in their song writing to rival ‘Dash Board Confessional’

Sean McGowan - This intense young acoustic gave a Jamie T - esque inspired performance with rousing lyrical talent that felt incredible real and raw.

Joe Housley - With caramel vocals and a really fantastic recording voice Joe’s air of innocence and heartbreaking lyrics delivered a fantastic acoustic performance

California Gypsies - Their fresh punky-folk was punctuated by the most original combination we have seen ..  the electric cello and their beat boxing drummer. These guys certainly  delivered one of the most unique  performance of the evening.

BLOODY WELL DONE FROM ALL AT SUPAJAM. It was, truly, one of the most close and split votes we have ever seen around the judges table and very nearly a 4 winner outcome! ... but alas there was to be only one winner. We couldn't be more proud that the performance spot at HOP FARM 2012 went to MAIA!!

The Fast Track to Hop Farm was only the first of many festival related competitions that SupaJam is running before the festival season kicks off—it takes about 30 seconds to upload a track and enter, so what ya waiting for? We’ve currently got three competitions running; two for bands– either to play at Europe’s crown of festivals, Benicassim, or our fresh new Fast Track to Strawberry Fields Festival; and one contest for singer songwriters to play at Hop Farm Festival 2012. Remember, previous Benicassim winners The Paris Riots have gone on to play the festival every time since their victory—and we know you want a chance at that..!

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