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Man pretends to be Nickelback drummer, buys 25,000 worth of microphones

Man pretends to be Nickelback drummer, buys 25,000 worth of microphones

You may often sit there and think to yourself: I'm really glad I'm not a member of globally derided rock band, Nickelback. Well, today you'll be kicking yourself, because a guy has given us insight into what it's like to be in everybody's least favourite group.

A guy from Florida man has been arrested - all allegedly - for pretending to be Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair when attempting to order $25,000 worth of microphones and other music equipment. It is suggested that Lee Howard Koenig, 45 from Port St Lucie, used Adair’s identity “to fraudulently order drum parts from a company in Vienna, Austria”.

And it doesn't stop there. Nobody knows how, but the pretender possessed all of Adair's personal information. In fact, the only point when they realised it was a ruse was when the sellers contacted the true Nickelback drummer when confirming the order. Police then scanned the Florida area and - maniac detected - found Koenig, who has the EXACT same set up as Adair.

Wanna see this guy? It is suggested that he runs this Facebook page.

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