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Man quits job to hunt Pokemon on Pokemon Go for two months

Man quits job to hunt Pokemon on Pokemon Go for two months

Ok, so the Pokemon Go is just getting ridiculous now. It's essentially becoming the defining app of our generaion - yes, with it becoming more popular than Tinder, people officially care more about it than fucking. 

Add jobs to that list too, as Aucklander Tom Currie has just quit his cafe job to hunt Pokemon for two months.

"I booked busses from all the way down to Invercargill and all the way back up to Cape Reinga so hopefully I can catch some awesome Pokémon on the way," Mr Currie says. "It keeps track of how far you've walked and I've done around 50 km so far, and that's with the actual game, walking away, slogging away."

Having travelled through Westport, Nelson, Blenheim and Kaikoura already he's collected over 700 Pokémon including a 1709 'CP' Vaporeon he's affectionately named 'Salacia'. "I'm level 20 at the moment, which was the highest I'd seen until I came to Christchurch, there's some better players here," he says. "I want Mewtwo, it's Pokémon number 150 [out of 150] and that is the end game for most people here."

He's coming for you next.

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