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Manager Speaks up for Filesharers, Slams Myspace

In 1995, Edwyn Collins had a major hit with the song ‘A Girl Like You’. If you haven’t heard it, we’d recommend you check it out. But there’s a problem. Collins retains the copyright to Girl Like You, and wanted to make it freely available on his Myspace for anyone to download, for free, so you could hear it. But Myspace took it down. Why? A major label was claiming they owned the copyright. Now Collins’ wife and manager, Grace Maxwell, has posted a passionate/ranting (delete depending on if you work for Myspace) blog about the trouble they are having getting the majors to stop selling a song they, err allegedly, don’t have the rights to, and getting Myspace to play ball too. The blog has been prompted because “When I read about artists supporting the majors and Murdoch cartels even further it irritates me somewhat.” As well as explaining about their struggles, Maxwell speaks up for filesharers, saying that the biggest rip off artists aren’t kids on PCs, but the majors themselves, and asking for us to “get on with working out a wonderful new way for music lovers to enjoy music for free or for a small subscription that makes it legal and easy to hear ANYTHING and allows the artist to reap the rewards of such freedom of access. Viva la revolucion!”

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