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Marina and the Diamonds drop ace single (video)

Is there enough of summer left?

Marina and her Diamonds are hard at work on their new album, but they’ve decided to put out a one off single to keep us interested. We’re assuming ‘one off’ means it won’t be on the next album (unless it’s a massive hit), so if you like it you need to buy it.

Now, normally we’d sum up the song or the video, but Marina has issued an explanation, so let’s hear her version:  “I wrote "Radioactive" in New York in the middle of a heat wave. Introduced to a glittering new nightlife, I fell in love with New York; it has this magic, fizzing white energy that no other city in the world has. I felt happy and was inspired to write a song that felt light and euphoric, a more streamlined, minimalistic style of songwriting.” Which is kind of weird, because it screams Ibiza to us.


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