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Marina releases the Love half of her album

Marina releases the Love half of her album
We’ve known for a while that Marina had dropped ‘and the diamonds’ and been prepping an album called Love + Fear… but now it’s been revealed both halves are meant to be semi-independent listens, and Love was dropped late last night.
There’s eight tracks to Love, and here’s Marina explaining: 
"I created ‘Love + Fear’ as 2 separate records to be listened to individually. A lot of us think of love as positive and fear as negative but the truth is there are positives found within fear and negatives found in love. One of the things I struggled with in the past was letting fear get in the way of love. Love scared me so much. ( Um... remember Electra Heart?!). This record is a result of working through that." - M
The full album is scheduled for April 26th, but will Fear come before that?
Anyway, here’s some tracks:

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