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Mark Radcliffe to take a break for cancer treatment

Mark Radcliffe to take a break for cancer treatment
Mixed news for Mark Radcliffe and fans today. On the one hand, he’s been forced to take a break after a diagnosis of mouth cancer but, and it’s a big but, he says it’s been caught early and he’s going to be fine.
The public announcement came on his Folk Show, and here’s the text of related tweets:
“Now – here’s a thing – I’m sad to say that I’ve got some cancerous tongue and lymph node issues and so, as I’m sure you’ll understand, I’m going to be disappearing for a while. It’s all been caught very early and so everything should be fine.”
“All being well I’ll be back in action in the new year – or sooner if I feel well enough – but I will be back – you can depend on it – I just can’t say exactly when that will be. So You won’t hear from me for a while now and therefore…well…..Merry Christmas I guess. Life eh?”

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