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Martin Shkreli found guilty of fraud

Martin Shkreli found guilty of fraud
There are three ways you might know of Martin Shkreli. You may know him as the very wealthy arsehole who bought the Wu-Tang Clan’s one off record for a few million quid, and claims to have other rarities, which he waves about like they’re his small penis. 
You might know him as the utter cockwomble who increased the price of an AIDs and Cancer drug from $13.50 a tablet to $750, and that’s not a fucking misprint. 
You might also know him for having a permanent smug face that just begs to be set on fire and put out with a stick. Either way, he just got convicted of three charges including securities fraud, and faces a few years in prison where he can consider just how much to charge for the pills he owns. 
How many places of that Wu-Tang Clan record before his cellmate demands a transfer. 

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