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Massive Attack are okay on Depressing Soundtracks

No one can really deny that Massive Attack make powerful and emotive music, even if those emotions do seen to be full of doom, worry and weed paranoia, so it’s no surprise that their tunes end up on soundtracks. But, as the band point out, it’s the kind of soundtracks which could pose a problem: 'I know, you find it in all the darkest and most disturbing documentaries, anything that is pretty miserable, it keeps popping up.”


But, as they continued to the Sunday Times (culture pull out), they’re happy with it: “it’s the opposite of how we started out, but if the idea is that this expresses authenticity, that this is the way things really are, then it is flattering.” Of course, they don’t mean adverts – “No, they can’t use it for advertising” – but what advert are you going to use Massive Attack for? Funeral parlours?

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