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Massive Attack have Already Scrapped 2 Albums

In an interview with the Guardian, Massive Attack are questioned about the gap between albums, and how much work they’ve done on their forthcoming new one. Robert "3D" del Naja is apparently exasperated, explaining that the album is "in a kind of state of flux" despite six years of work. But it is six years of work, not five years of goofing around and then a quick year’s worth of writing, as they’ve already recorded and scrapped two whole albums worth of material. They’re perfectionists, not slackers. He gives an insight into his day "I'm dividing my time between being here, painting in the garage next to my house, trying to finish the sleeve, then we've got rehearsals over at Bath. Average day, I work from about 11, 12, 'til about 10 at night."Given the propensity for record labels to release new editions of albums with extra material, we can only hope some of this music makes its way out one day.

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