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Massive Attack hit out at Pete Tong over covering them

Massive Attack hit out at Pete Tong over covering them
Pete Tong’s latest tour and CD sees him covering dance classics with an orchestra, but at least one of original artists isn’t happy. Not at all.
Massive Attack have taken exception to Tong’s appropriation of Unfinished Sympathy, and have published the following letter / request:
“Dear Pete Tong
Thanks for covering one of our songs on your nostalgia nightmare roadshow.
I don’t recollect you getting in touch to see if we would mind,
but for your information:
When we play that song we display photos of displaced people in refugee camps by the photographer Giles Duley on the screen to raise awareness for their plight and collect money for UNHCR.
If you do mean to carry on coining it, why don’t you divide your nightly profit by the number of songs you murder in your set, and hand the total of that one song over to UNHCR..
It would be the least you could do.
So he won’t be doing a guest spot then.

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