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Matisyahu kicks woman photographer in face?

Err, allegedly?

Conflicting reports about what happened at a Matisyahu gig Wednesday night. Photographer Rebecca Smeyne at one point tweeted “I was just attacked by Matisyahu calling cops pressing charges. Wtf! He kicked me in face and broke my camera!!!!!” This was followed a little later by "I'm OK; after cops showed, Matisyahu's manager, who witnessed the incident, gave me a fat stack of cash to cover damages. Happy Hanukkah!"

Meanwhile Matisyahu used Twitter to deny the kick, but admitted something did happen in a statement: "I regret what transpired when I tried to remove the camera from the photographer's hands last night. As an artist on stage, it is very distracting and disorienting to have a camera flashing in your face for an extended period of time. I reacted impulsively out of frustration and for that I apologize." It seems a shame the police won’t be asked to sort out the truth.

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