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McDonald's asks emerging band to play for free for them, band's open letter response goes viral

McDonald's asks band to play for free for them, band's open letter response goes viral

McDonald's asked Ex Cops to play at their SXSW show for free.

Despite being probably the biggest, most profitable food chain in the world, they told the group that “there isn’t a budget for an artist free (unfortunately).”

In an open letter on the band's Facebook Page which has since gone viral, Brian Harding from the two-piece wrote, “As of 2013, McDonalds is valued at 90.3 billion dollars. I won’t get into the internet semantics of things you’ve probably seen on your Facebook feed; like that thing where it takes a McDonald’s worker 4 months to earn what the CEO makes in an hour, or their GMO love affair, and I will certainly spare you the bound of photos showing how they treat their animals.”

Harding continued, describing how a show they played at a small, independent Brooklyn venue Baby’s Alright somehow still managed to pay the band fairly, making a shuddering comparison. “It is a horrifying and gross reality when one sees the true nature of corporations and their pathetic attempts to achieve relevance with millennials. Doritos received a lot of flack for their stage a couple years ago, but I’m going to assume they paid Lady Gaga.”

Now, McDonalds have responded to the group, with the brand’s Global Media Relations Director Becca Hary telling Rolling Stone, “We follow the same standard protocol as other brands and sponsors by inviting talented and emerging musicians to join us at SXSW Festival.”

Ex Cops’ Amalia Bruun refuted those claims immediately claiming, “That’s not true. They’re not following any guidelines because everyone else is offering money. Other much small corporations are offering us money.”

Also speaking to Rolling Stone, Harding added, “The people that have been supporting the music industry lately understand that we don’t make money off albums anymore, and that’s why you see so much merchandise and bands tour all the time. It’s our only kinds of income.”

Read Ex Cops' open letter in full here on their Facebook.


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