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Merseyrail ban Morrissey posters over far right links

Merseyrail ban Morrissey posters over far right links
Morrissey has been nakedly supportive of the far right group For Britain, to such an extent that the founder of said shitshow publicly thanked Moz for his support. Now things have escalated, as adverts for Morrissey’s new album California Son have been banned from Liverpool’s Merseyrail after a complaint from the public.
Merseyrail go out of their way to make sure adverts in their building adhere to guidelines which include not being a fascist instrument, and here’s their explanation: “Processes are in place for Merseyrail to approve any potentially contentious material prior to it appearing on the network, however due to the nature of this advertisement it did not reach a level of verification. "
"Merseyrail will work [with] the third-party supplier to improve this process in the future. Any content used within advertising on the Merseyrail network does not reflect the organisation’s values, and we apologise for any offence the publication of these posters may have caused.”

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