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Metric give us a video for Dark Saturday

Metric give us a video for Dark Saturday
It’s a bit lazy to just put a huge quote in a news story, but when Metric have perfectly explained the point behind their new video in just a few sentences it seems pointless to try and translate that into some webby bullshit, so here they are talking about Dark Saturday to NME:
“The song ‘Dark Saturday‘ describes a night spent trapped in useless conversation with rich idiots where all you want to do is be with your real friends… When we started talking to video director Justin Broadbent about how to translate that sentiment, we found we had zero interest in making a conventional music video and quickly decided it would be way more entertaining to check into a nasty motel for a night and see what happened.”
“Broadbent mapped out some locations and moments and we knocked them out till the break of dawn. I love how he captured that feeling of separate loneliness for each of us in the form of four phone screens, and the “wish you were here” postcard punchline at the end. For anyone who has had that alienated “get me the hell out of here” feeling, we’re right there with you.”
The video is quite good, but the song will hold the attention much longer.

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