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Michael Eavis drops Glastonbury 2022 hints

Michael Eavis drops Glastonbury 2022 hints
It’s Reading festival this weekend, as well as a whole host of other big gatherings, so the idea of a full sized Glastonbury in 2022 seems perfectly reasonable to expect. Which means… we need to know who’s playing.
Michael Eavis is a showman and he knows when a hint is needed, so he’s dropped one: speaking to ITV News West Country, “We do it better ever year, don’t we?... We come up with something new every year – we had the pier two years ago which was a huge success, so we’ve got some new ideas we’re working on for next year as well.”
And then: “We’ve got the big names coming back, I think – the same bands that I think we had lined up three years ago, or hopefully, fingers crossed… It’s not all about the bands though, that’s the thing. It’s all the other stuff we do that makes the show work – it’s why we’re so successful I think.”
So is that Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney then?

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