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Michael Eavis pays tribute after death of long serving Glastonbury staffer

Michael Eavis pays tribute after death of long serving Glastonbury staffer
Sad news from the Glastonbury family: Robert Richards has died after a short illness. He was 65. Michael Eavis has posted a personal tribute to Robert, explaining his key role in the festival and their loss.
“He worked for the Festival for over 30 years. His first job was setting up the information and CND campaigning stalls and he was the producer of Julien Temple’s Glastonbury film in 2006. In recent years, Robert has been responsible for partnerships, large commercial deals and sponsorship, and he helped secure the license for the Festival to continue in 2014.
Alongside this work, Robert helped me personally with projects in Pilton village, particularly the big social housing project and the village shop. He was also Chairman of the Glastonbury Town Fund Board which raised £24 million for the town in 2021.
I am personally very sad and upset to lose this remarkable man who I will find difficult to replace. Now that the fever of life and his days are over, may God give his soul the rest it deserves.
Thank you, Robert.

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