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Mick Jagger's son prefers one of Stones' biggest rivals to them.

Mick Jagger's son prefers one of Stones' biggest rivals to them.

Teenage rebellion is a funny thing. Mick Jagger could tell you all about that. However, by the time kids get out of their teens and into their twenties, they usually stop blaming their parents or holding things against them. Well, Jagger's son James is an exception.

The 30-year-old has said in an interview with the Independent that he prefers not the Stones, Beatles, but the Kinks. 

As part of promotional work for the Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger produced new HBO series 'Vinyl' that he stars in, he spoke about the subject.

"When people ask me if I prefer the Rolling Stones or the Beatles, then I will always say the Rolling Stones. But if someone asks if I prefer the Rolling Stones or The Kinks, I'd choose The Kinks."

He went on to discuss how he has always "valued anonymity" even though he is "incredibly proud of all [my dad's] achievements, and I'm very proud to be his son". "The British press want a working-class hero, a boy-done-good; they don't want someone from a family of entertainers to be successful – it doesn't fit with their schism," he explained.

Watch the trailer for 'Vinyl' below:

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