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Mike Myers has been hosting a game show in secret

Mike Myers has been hosting a game show in secret
Mike Myers, he of Wayne’s World and Austin Powers, has been working recently but no one knew. It turns out that Myers has been in literal disguise as an orange game show host called Tommy Maitland presenting six month’s worth of US talent show The Gong Show.
Now, we should point out game show circles in America have known about this, but it’s taken a while for proof to reach UK shores, but now producer Will Arnott has confessed all while still lying: “I was just as surprised as the next guy when I heard The Gong Show’s host, Tommy Maitland, was a character portrayed by the insanely talented Mike Myers… Despite this shocking news, I’m in total awe of the man, and we are so fortunate to have him as our brilliant host.”
We don’t know why Mike did it, but we do know a second series has been commissioned. The Gong Show is like a crazier version of Britain’s Got Talent.

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