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Mike Skinner explains life in the Streets was hell for mental health

Mike Skinner explains life in the Streets was hell for mental health
Mike Skinner’s years as The Streets let him forge a path through the UK rap scene which, even now, sees him well regarded. But he’s been talking to Q Magazine about how he dealt with that fame (and the loneliness of touring and all the many other pressures a successful creator finds), and it was hell on his mental health.
“Every day in The Streets was scary because you feel totally out of control… Anxiety, paranoia and general fear. That’s what my 20s were like. Whereas my 30s were closer to depression… You try and push yourself through this feeling of existential depression. I’m not trying to say one is worse than the other. It just feels different.”
Now, to be fair, thousands of people go through the same feelings without being million earning rappers, but it’s sad to know that when you do seem to have made it, you in no way have brought peace to yourself.
His comments on how starting a family helped him seem less certain: “With kids, you can’t really get anxious. You never hear of parents getting mentally ill over their kids, do you?...Like, they might become alcoholics. And fat. And get divorced. But you still have to hold it together if you are going to stick at the parenting game.”

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