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Miley Cyrus 'I am one of the big feminists in the world'

Miley Cyrus 'I am one of the big feminists in the world'

Miley Cyrus has declared she is "one of the big feminists in the world".

"I tell women to not be scared of anything".

“For me, it’s not even that I’m a feminist, I’m for everybody for anything. As long as you’re breathing you should just find the best in everything,” she told Radio 1's Newsbeat.

Earlier this month, the singer said she was a feminist because she believed she was "empowering to women".

However, many feminists would affirm that she's brainwashed by the innards of our patriarchal society.

She told Cosmopolitan: “I’m a feminist in the way that I’m really empowering to women. I’m loud and funny, and not typically beautiful.”

Cyrus then responded to the criticism she received for the VMA performance of 'Blurred Lines' with Robin Thicke, a song which is considered so misogynist that it has been banned by a growing number of UK Student Unions.

“I never worry about what I do on stage making me look bad,” she said. “I think people, if they actually knew me, would be surprised at how normal I am. I don’t actually walk around all day twerking with my tongue out dressed as a teddy bear.”

There's no denying that being brought up as Disney's perfect child and having a pop star dad is probably going to fuck you up.

Cast your minds back to her open letter spat with Sinead O'Connor. If you're looking for more on this... Hell, Sufjan Stevens even got involved.

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