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Miley Cyrus trending after MTV EMA drug taking

Miley Cyrus trending after MTV EMA drug jokes

At the 2013 European Music Awards last, Miley Cyrus ruffled some feathers, and has since got her name into your Twitter feed, like she loves to. At the VMA she made her name, essentially, so she had to do something.

Cyrus, 20, gestured toward her drug-taking past by taking what looked like a joint from her handbag as she accepted the award for Best Video for her song, Wrecking Ball - the ceremony was aptly held in Amsterdam.

She had already opened the show with a performance of We Can't Stop accompanied by a dwarf, previously courted controversy for her "twerking" with Robin Thicke.

"I couldn't fit this award in my purse but I did find this," she said before flicking a lighter and smoking it.

I don't think there's anything surprising about a white, rich girl in her early twenties smoking dope, just poke your head in at some Uni halls.

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