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Mind-blowing Doctor Who theme cover

Listening to this will make you feel like a hero...

The 50th anniversary special will be on BBC1 tonight at 7:50, along with all the other bells and whistles that accompany such an occasion. There's probably even a hashtag. I'm sure if you're interested you already know all you need to know and there's nothing new we could tell you. If you're not interested then frankly we're shocked you clicked on this page at all. We're looking forward to it but still feeling slightly bitter that they didn't pick any of our totally reasonable choices for the next doctor.

We've trawled through all the exclusive interviews, sneak peaks, rumours, spoilers, and slightly uncomforting fan-fiction that's been floating around in the build-up to the show and picked out this banger of a cover from Guildford Prog Rock collective Traffic Experiment.

The track is entitled 'Vashta Nerada' and is their take on the show's theme tune. Spoonfuls of grandeaur are poured into your ears after a cinematic intro builds into that iconic tune. It's been steadily gathering an audience over the last two years, and seems to have found its way to the right ears as they've been invited to play at the official after-party tonight.


You can download the track for free here and there are also a very limited number of vinyls being produced that you can order here, a perfect Christmas present for any hipster whovian.

Turn off the lights, stop whatever you're doing, crank up the speakers, and whack on this beauty:

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