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Mogwai release video for a song dedicated to lost friends

Mogwai release video for a song dedicated to lost friends
Mogwai are getting ready to release their new album As The Love Continues, which they claim is ‘positive’ sounding despite a. being made during Covid, b. being made by Mogwai and c. having the new single from it dedicated to dead friends and musicians.
Yes, the track Ritchie Sacramento is a tribute record, initially written for when the band where “inspired by a story that Bob Nastanovich put online on the anniversary of the death of Dave Berman from Silver Jews,” Mogwai mainman Stuart Braithwaite told NME. “When they were students, Dave threw a shovel at a sports car. That’s the first line of the song: ‘Rise crystal spear’.” But at just over four minutes and featuring actual vocals, it’s a very poppy and ultimately uplifting Mogwai.
“It’s been a hard few years,” Braithwaite continued. “There are a lot of people that we played with and were friends with that just aren’t around now. This songs is about those people, imagined conversations… and Dave Berman throwing a shovel at a sports car!”

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