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More details on the Origin of Muse release

More details on the Origin of Muse release
Muse fans who prefer their earlier material are in for a treat, because there’s a new compilation coming. Called Origin of Muse (presumably a play on their Origin of Symmetry album), it’s going to package their first two LPs with a shedload of demos and, we’ve been promised, ‘rare stuff’. Sounds great as far as nostalgia cash grabs go.
Now Muse have been talking to Alt 98.7, and it’s great to have to mention a radio station with a proper number in it, and they said: “It’s probably going to be a limited edition like package of the first two albums put together, but with all the songs and demos that we made around that time…We’re hopefully gonna put that out this year – we’re going to call it ‘Origin Of Muse’, because it’s basically the story musically of how we got to the ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ album.”
Hmm, this one might be expensive.

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