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Morrissey appears to back anti-Muslim politician

Morrissey appears to back anti-Muslim politician
Last week, UKIP voted itself a new leader, who will no doubt appear on question time a lot despite having no political mandate beyond clinging onto the past with his fingernails. Second place, and a favourite to win, was Anne Marie Waters, a woman who can’t tell the difference between violent idiots pretending to be Muslim, and actual Muslims. If she won, UKIP would have become outwardly anti-Muslim (as opposed to just xenophobic).
Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, Morrissey appears to support Anne Marie Waters, given his quotes during a 6 Music session: “I was very surprised the other day, it was very interesting to me to see Anne-Marie Waters become the head of Ukip”, Morrissey told the crowd at Maida Vale studios… Oh no, sorry, she didn’t. The voting was rigged. Sorry, I forgot.”
Now, this is open to interpretation, but it does look very likely Morrissey wanted her to win. 

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