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Morrissey autobiography next year?

He's finished the first draft.

Ex Smiths singer - and occasional borderline racist - Morrissey has finally finished his autobiography, and he’s hoping it will be out neat year. He revealed this in conversation with BBC Radio 4, when he explained:

“Well, I've reached the re-drafting, trimming stage.” He went on "I've been through the whole life in many ways and I just wonder if 660 pages are too much for people to bear. And then I sit down and think, well, are six pages too much for people to bear? I really don't know. I'm trimming." .

Hopefully most of the book survives the process, as he’s certainly got a lot to talk about, some of which involves music. However, it wouldn’t be Morrissey without a bizarre moment of ego, when he explained that, although he currently has no publisher, he hoped Penguin Classics would print it. When someone pointed out that line is just for literary masterpieces he replied "I can't see why not."

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