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Morrissey just cleared a few things up by being a massive racist

Morrissey just cleared a few things up by being a massive racist
Like many people, the Smiths occupied such a central part of our lives that we have struggled to try and separate these all time classic songs from the recent interviews Morrissey has been giving, and by recent we mean it’s been increasingly hard since the mid 90s. Morrissey is allowed an opinion, of course, and you don’t have to dislike the art if you dislike the artists, but the sense that Morrissey was actually just an awful racist has been building.
So we’re pleased to say Moz has posted an interview on his own website which clears that up and finally puts it to bed. Just not in the good way. Yes, Morrissey is a massive racist who supports far right groups, uses the far right counter of claiming Hitler is far left, thinks acid attacks are only done by non whites, can’t use a supermarket and basically hung himself in how own interview on his own site.
We could pick quotes from it, but this is important and you need to read the whole thing, because this answers everything you’ve been trying to look past.
On the plus side, Moz doesn’t like the Smiths anymore, so…

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