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Morrissey replies to poster controversy with inevitable I’m the victim of Nazis trope

Morrissey replies to poster controversy with inevitable I’m the victim of Nazis trope
So, last week MerseyRail enforced their policy of not taking advertising for things that will piss off a lot of their passengers, in this case removing Morrissey posters after he came out in support of a right wing hate group who particularly dislike Muslims. 
Now, somewhat predictably in the way this always goes, Moz is trying to cast himself the victim of right wing hate, explaining to Music-News.com “It’s very Third Reich, isn’t it? … And it proves how only the feelings of the most narrow-minded can be considered within the British Arts... We are not free to debate, and this in itself is the ultimate rejection of diversity. If you ever see Question Time on BBC1 it is always exactly the same panel. I am afraid we are living through The Age of Stupid, and we must pray that it passes soon. I’m only surprised that Mary Whitehouse isn’t on the ten pound note. But, no, I’m not about to go into combat with Mersey Rail … could life get any more mediocre?”
“The ONLY thing I haven’t been blamed for is the Normandy Invasion of 1944,” he said. “Give them time, I suppose.”
Now Moz, there’s a difference between your definition of rejecting diversity, and MerseyRail not letting a man backing Islamaphobes haunt the journeys of Muslims and others as they just try to do their day to day lives.

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