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Morrissey says he’s not a defender of paedophilia and is sad about album sales

Morrissey says he’s not a defender of paedophilia and is sad about album sales
You might remember that as a wave of sexually abusive entertainment stars was swept away by the voices of their victims, Morrissey decided to stick his oar in by defending the abusers. His comments about Kevin Spacey and others were staggering, and he then denied saying them, which was a problem as there’s a copy of the tapes and he really did.
So now Morrissey is back with a ‘December Speech’, and he seems more concerned he’s damaged his album sales than anything else. So here’s Moz being rather defensive:
“Suddenly, I was sympathizing with sexual harassment. I was apparently sympathizing with paedophilia, I was sympathizing with rape, I was sympathizing with everything that would persuade anybodyon the planet to stop listening to me. Of course, none of those assumptions are true. I do not sympathize with anything like that. You can hear it in the tone of my voice…
However, this is the world we now live in with the print media. It seems to me that, in the first place, they get very angry or very excited if you stop to say something that people are listening to or that reflect the will of the people. They get very nervous. They won’t allow it. They shut it down and so forth.
But also, it seems to me that, in England at the moment, the right wing has adopted a left wing stance, and the left wing has adopted a right wing stance, so everybody’s confused, and nobody seems to know what people mean. This shuts down free speech. This shuts down any open debate about anything. And consequently, we’re all in a mess, and we don’t know where we stand.”
Of course. Then we get to the main reason for this:
“So I fear that the campaign for Low In High School and for the surrounding singles was derailed and damaged purposely by the haters. They’re not listening to the music. They’re not listening to anything, really. They see my name, and they want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. And as I said, in many ways, they do succeed. There’s not really that much you can do about it. You have to live with it…”
Well, maybe Moz, you could just not say really stupid stuff?

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