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Muse bring pomp, ceremony and a more than a few fireworks to close Glastonbury Day 1

Muse close day 1 of Glastonbury in style

It was an odd first day here at Worthy Farm. The excitement of the first dy of the festival is normally palatable however with the news of the UK unbelievably taking itself out of the EU had put a noticible dampner on proceedings and it needed someone or some band to remind the 200,000 gathered for the reason they were there. By some stroke of genius planning the Eavis's decided that Friday night headliners would be Muse. Thank god it wasn't switched with Saturday night Adele or  most people problably would have packed up and driven home in tears. 

We may not have had the drones from their recent arena tour (Glastonbury Festival refusing them on the grounds of health, safety and presumably due to the fact that they would hvae got caught up in the sea of flags out in the audience) but Matt Bellamy and his crew brought along some stadium sized riffs and some fan favourites to fill the gap. 

Opening their third headline set with "Phycho" from their recent album  "Drones" the band tossed "Plug In Baby" , "Starlight" and "Suermassive Black Hole" fairly early on prompting mass sing a longs and flares and fireworks being let off.

The set seemed to tread  a fairly tight line between pomp and rediculousness (ever been to a gig with a bass solo? me neither) but this is Muse right? You kind of expect that and the 90,000 or so gathered fans didn't seem to care a bit. 

By the time regular set closer "Knight of Cydonia" finished the proceedings and approximately half the worlds stock of fireworks and confetti had been used up everyone went home happy and a feeling a little brighter on what had been a rather sombre day in British history. 



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