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Music Festival causes massive levels of ecstasy and caffeine in nearby river

Music Festival causes massive levels of ecstasy and caffeine in nearby river

In weird news, Glastonbury locals have spotted schools of fish in local rivers gurning and declaring their love for one each other - well... Not exactly.

A study published on Wednesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology suggests that events like Music Festivals can be responsible for drugs like ecstasy and ketamine making their way into the water supply, leaving traces of them in rivers and soil. Only about half of these contaminants are actually removed during the water treatment process, so they can end up back in our drinking water and aquatic life.

In the new study, researchers measured the concentrations of chemicals in water samples from 28 rivers and two wastewater facilities in several cities in Taiwan. Experts measured contaminant levels in Hengchun, a popular holiday destination. Levels in their water supply were usually above average, which was expected due to the nature of tourism but they went through the roof during its annual music festival.

The weekend is named "Spring Scream" and draws over 600,000 young music fans to the beach town. Samples during this period are a little crazy. They found ecstasy, ketamine, ibuprofen and caffeine in the supply. Nice cocktail?

Otherwise, Scientists have tried to search for different anomalies: for example, they tested sewage near universities and, on exam days, the amphetamine levels go through the roof.

Don't drink white water!

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