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Music industry worth 3.5bn To British Economy

Music industry worth £3.5bn To British Economy

Research have revealed that the Music Industry is worth £3.5 Billion to the British economy.

It found musicians, composers, songwriters and lyricists contribute the most (£1.6bn) to the economy and also employ seven out of every 10 people who work in the sector, it also reveals that music businesses generate £1.4bn every year from exports, and domestic sales were up too.

Jo Dipple, chief executive of UK Music, said the results suggest the industry is a "substantial contributor to the economy".

"Our music might be fun, but it's also a formidable asset to the UK," she said.

"The Government has said it wants to support the creative industries but until now it's not had the precise data to hand. It does now.

"A realistic picture of the how the industry is made up will lead to a better understanding of what investment and regulatory environment is needed to help our industry thrive.

"It's a great UK success story, but now it can be even better understood and developed."

Piss off, High School History Teacher.

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