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Music is being used to sell you stuff: restaurant edition

Music is being used to sell you stuff: restaurant edition
Okay Supajam readers, you’re all intelligent people, you know all your interactions with businesses are designed to sell you things and that music is a commercial weapon. But it’s still fun to know Ed Sheeran increase burger sales 8.6%.
What? The Swedish Retail Institute have been working with Soundtrack Your Brand, and they studied an ‘unnamed’ American fast food restaurant in the country which was using curated playlists targeted at millennials, and which included songs by Ed Sheeran. They discovered that spending increased an average of 9.1 when the weaponised playlist was on compared to the old shit. 
Soundtack YB have been developing a system to reform background music and use it, although they did issue some soundbites which phrased it slightly less cynically: “When you’re curating for a business, it’s important to really understand them. It’s about expressing that brand through music.” It’s about selling you stuff.
None of which explains why my local coffee shop this morning was playing Nick Cave’s heroin / love anthem Into My Arms.

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